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Heritage Home Renovations

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At AMCON, we specialise in heritage home renovations. Our passion is rooted in modernising old homes whilst respecting the work of the builders who have come before us. 


There’s a great appeal to owning a heritage home. They’re a big draw for buyers who value unique and vintage-looking properties that hold their slice of Victorian history. Although this antique charm is an appealing feature for many people, you need to consider certain aspects if you plan to purchase and renovate a heritage home.

When thinking of heritage home renovations, a common thought is that the home will need a restoration. Modern homes benefit from creating open and free-flowing floorplans. 

We are mixing the characteristics of traditional and modern houses, designing Melbourne’s unique home.

Decorative cornices, skirting boards, fireplaces and ceiling roses are all items that may keep maintaining the old charm. However, giving the house a fresh coat of paint during a heritage home renovation and restructuring the layout will provide the twist to suit the present-day.

We value the historical and community significance of heritage homes. Bringing our tailored aesthetics and expertise in navigating this intimidating process, we can make your heritage home renovation an advantageous experience.

We would love to create a design that honours the era and style of your home.

Therefore, if you have recently purchased or live in a Melbourne Heritage Listed Home and are considering a renovation, please chat with us to discuss possibilities.