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Our warehouse conversions specialists will help you to transform your warehouse, changing that cold feel to a warm and fully functioning home. We will help you not only on the structure but also on providing a finishing that will give a stylish and comfortable execution to your converted warehouse.

At AMCON Homes, we adore warehouse conversion projects, as we take pride in transforming an old industrial building into a beautiful living space where people will feel at home. We do not believe in demolishing beautiful old buildings with years of history in their red brick walls to make way for modern apartment buildings. We find our meaning in recycling old buildings into new spaces, giving them a new purpose, and allowing life to continue within their walls.


Warehouse conversions are becoming increasingly popular in Melbourne and are sought after for their unique industrial-chic design. With this high level of popularity, a warehouse conversion can be both an excellent design choice for your own home or can be used as an investment opportunity. We’ve seen warehouse conversions Fitzroy turn in massive profits on the resale and can even be utilised as Airbnb’s or rental buildings. You can even choose the route of a warehouse to office conversions to create an edgy yet high-class office for a business or turn an old warehouse into a restaurant or café – the opportunities are endless.

However, a warehouse conversion is not a “do it yourself” job. As gorgeous as old industrial buildings are, they are not an easy renovation job, especially not for the inexperienced. Therefore, it is crucial to choose the specialists when thinking about converting a warehouse, and at AMCON Homes, we are the best in the game.

Having an industrial history, Melbourne is littered with gorgeous old warehouses that have a world of potential. Especially in the old manufacturing hotspots across the city, warehouse conversions South Melbourne, Collingwood, Brunswick, and Burnley are becoming part of the design and architecture culture.


Are you ready to invest in a warehouse conversion? Call the AMCON Homes team today.

Our specialist team can completely transform any warehouse into a stunning home, worthy of a place in design magazines and sure to wow your home visitors.

Our team can provide you with a quote of your warehouse conversion cost and provide you with all the remodelling warehouse information you need to know.